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Several obstacles face enterprises and their leaders during their transformation journey towards sustainability. Shifting from a siloed and comfortable ‘Business as Usual’ approach to creatively leveraging on new opportunities requires radical innovation, worldwide integration, institutionalization of processes and the right business strategy.

The creation of Mr Morris Fedeli during his doctoral studies, The Holistic Regenerative Innovative Value Enterprise (THRIVE) framework, THRIVE platform and Sustainability Performance Scorecard (SPS) tool with visualizations in the form of pioneering ciambella charts provides the means to overcome these obstacles. Operationalized at the meso-level, aided by machine learning and predictive analytics tools, THRIVE SPS tool transparently ranks the corporate sustainability performance of enterprises alongside their strategy or business model.

This method is rooted in systems thinking, adopting nascent design theory-knowledge gained through a design science research (DSR) approach, building on emerging science-based literature and illustrated by exemplary case studies. A holistic analysis of the projected phenomenon informs the kernel theory, building on established science-based first principles, together with reputable global data sources and purposely selected impact case studies.

THRIVE SPS dashboard provides for the manipulation of engine weights and controls, allowing assessment of performance and forecasted effects of changes in regulations such as taxes or subsidies on carbon credits to be visualized. Contributing to a healthier planet, THRIVE framework and SPS tool aids enterprises transitioning from disclosure to exposure, thereby providing the necessary impetus for business leaders to compete with one another and individual consumers to reward enterprises that choose to do good to do well for the prosperity of all humankind.

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