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Morris D Fedeli is a semi-retired practitioner and doctoral researcher at the University of Southern Queensland, Australia, with three decades of industry experience in helping organizations achieve success through the application of new emerging innovative business models and technologies. Offering a unique Australasian perspective, with experience across three continents and degrees in science, business and project management, his research interest and passion lie in sustainable business innovation strategies for a prosperous society. He may be reached through his website at http://www.fedeli.nu or by email at morris@thriveplatform.info.
Geoff is a self-trained software developer, video and audio engineer. He loves building computers, electronic devices with Arduino, inventing electronic storage devices for alternative energy, performing guitar and recording music.
Shotaro has a masters in computer science. He is a programmer who is interested in developing his own codes involving text processing, machine learning and web development. Currently, he is working on developing and maintaining the website and database.
THRIVE project is looking for talent. With the project official release in Europe by year-end, we are seeking analysts, reviewers, marketers, developers, designers, writers, public relations and admin staff. All input, whether big or small will be well received and earn you a first-place opportunity when we move into the next funded phase of this project. For further information and to participate, please email morris@thriveplatform.info.

Advisory Committee Member for the
Flourishing Enterprise Institute

Academic Alliance Member for the
r3.0 Academic Alliance


Contact: Morris D. Fedeli
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